Saving Energy

Reducing energy consumption at home might be a lot easier than you thought. Definitely the best way is to use high-performance, highly-efficient equipment.
Even if you’re not planning to renovate or replace your heating appliances, you can still follow a few simple tips to save energy.

Architectural Shell

Imagine that your home is a boat or hot air balloon. Any leak you find must be plugged. It’s really the same with houses. As warm air migrates to the coldest areas, (ex. outside air) it seeps through walls, roofs, cracks, doors and windows, so it is important to know how to prevent heat loss.

Where does the heat go?

There are numerous sources of heat loss in a house. This image shows the principle areas that should be checked when trying to minimize preventable heat loss

Space Heating

To help reduce energy loss, here are some things to help you maintain and program your heating appliances.

Water Heating

Here are some tips to help minimize loss of energy from your hot water heater.

More Tips

Here are some extra tips to help avoid unwanted energy losses.

The Energy Efficiency of your Home

You can verify the energy efficiency of your home by reviewing this list of tips.

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